Knowmark Travelblog: Southwest France 2005

Saturday, April 23

Peterborough · Toronto

Today we leave on our first (fairly short) trip to France, southwest France in particular. After a brief layover at CDG in Paris, we fly to Bordeaux, arriving at 12:15pm on Sunday (barring delays). At that point we pick up a rental car and drive east to Belvès, a small village just south of the Dordogne River. We estimate this will be about a three hour drive. The weather forecast is a bit gloomy (a lot of rain), but we're hoping that it will be a little better once we get there.

We are staying in Belvès for six nights, generally exploring the region (Bergerac, Cahors, etc.). Then, back to Bordeaux for another four nights, where we will drop off the rental and explore Bordeaux and environs by foot and public transit.